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Credentialing & Contracting

If you want to start your own practice and make it successful, you need to know what your patients want and expect from you. One of the things they expect is that you will take their insurance plan. That’s why credentialing is very important for any practice. It means that you have to be accurate and careful to make sure your patients are safe, you get paid quickly, and your operations run smoothly. Credentialing and enrollment used to be ignored as part of the healthcare administration process. But now they are essential because they affect how compliant and profitable your practice is.

EHR, PM, Clearing House Setup

PlusMed is flexible, we can work with the healthcare billing software that you already have in your practice. If you don’t have any software, you can pick EHR, Practice Mate and Clearinghouse of your preference. We can also handle the paperwork required for EHR, PM and Clearinghouse enrollment on your behalf to share the paperwork load.

We know how much you hate paperwork. After a busy day, the last thing you want is a pile of forms to complete. We assign a team of professionals who are skilled in filling out the forms and applications. It might seem like an easy task, but it needs a keen eye for detail as a missing number can cause big delays.

Easy Payment System

In the current healthcare system, if you don’t do credentialing right, you might not get paid for the services you provide. Or worse, you might face legal problems for breaking the rules, which could cost you money and even land you in jail.

EDI, ERA &EFT Enrollments

Official paperwork is the curse of our lives. After a long day, the last thing you need is a pile of forms to fill out. A large proportion of situations involving payment delays and claim rejections are the result of incorrect enrollment. When we onboard your practice, we ensure that your EDI, ERA, and EFT are properly configured.

We assign a team of professionals who are experienced in filling out the forms and applications. Though at the beginning it may look like a simple task, it requires a keen eye for detail as a missing number can cause significant delays in the reimbursements.

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